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    Display Web Page When CHM Is Loaded

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      A number of years ago, our organization created a chm help file attached to an application. Subsequently, a web help version was developed and posted on our site.


      A request has been made that when the user clicks help in the application, the web version displays. Unfortunately, modifying the Help button in the application is not an option as we are not the owners of the application.


      Therefore, as a work around, I would like to know if it possible to display the web help version when the user clicks the help button by modifying the chm.


      My plan is create a single chm file with the identical file name as the current chm file. During the onload procdure the user is directed to the web help version.


      I have tried a topic-redirect, but that does not work; I think I need to add an Onload Event in the <body> tag, but I am not sure what coding is required to make this work.


      What coding is required to make this work?