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    Fade in/out


      I am having a total mind freeze and cannot figure out how to add a fade in interaction within a single state.  I want to use buttons to have a block of text change when clicked.  for some reason i cannot figure out how to do this without the test already being in the state when it loads.  would appreciate any help.



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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Here's an example that worked for me:

          1. Create a new project with 1 Page/State

          2. Add some text

          3. Add a button

          4. With the button selected, choose Add Interaction in the Interactions panel.

          5. Create on "On click, play action sequence" interaction. Click OK.

          6. Select the text, then in the Timeline choose Add Action > Fade

             The fade effect should appear in the timeline in the track for the text

          7. With the Fade effect selected go to the Properties panel and set "from" to 0 and "to" to 100

          8. Lastly, turn off the eyeball for the text in the Layers panel to make it invisible. (Alternalively, you can also set the alpha of the text to zero in the Properties Panel)


          Let me know if this doesn't work for you.


          - Ty

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            DrewPaluRebDre Level 1

            perfect.  thank you so much!  I was doing everything correct myself, but I did not realize that turning off the eyeball was necessary.