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    Export to Word


      I have made printscreens and edit them in Fireworks (crop, text etc). Now I want to paste the firework-documents in Microsoft Word as sharp as possible

      (normal papersize).

      Till now I export the documents in size 700/400 pixels, resolution 72, jpeg better quality- quality 100.

      In Word the images are a little bit blurry.

      Can somebody give me a advise how to export the files to improve the quality of images in Word?


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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Your resolution is too low. Export at 96ppi instead.

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            verm0061 Level 1

            Hi Linda,

            Thanks for your answer. I tried, but I'm still not sattisfied. The images in Word are still blurry. Any suggestions??

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Screen grabs are always made at screen resolution, so they may appear blurry just because they aren't of a quality suitable for printing. Word may also be auto scaling the file to fit the available area.


              That said,  here are two  things to try:


              First open the Word document and then right-click on an image. Make sure it's scaled to 100%.


              If it is try exporting  one file as a TIF.  You won't get any jpeg blurring this way.


              If it's still blurry, you made need to do some resampling in Photoshop. PS's resampling features are more robust that Fireworks, so it may do a better job of producing a higher resolution version of the screen grab. This can still cause quality issues of its own, but you might be able to strike a balance that is visually suitable.




              Jim Babbage

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                verm0061 Level 1

                Hi Jim/Linda,

                I appriciate your help very much. Thanks!!