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    Not Sure How It All Fits Together


      I've been making a series of board game review videos using Flash CS4, but have found the process a bit too time-intensive. I feel like I'm not using Flash the way it was intended. Animating all the bits and pieces gets tedious and God help me if I make a mistake and don't catch it early enough and need to move a symbol around on the stage through multiple keyframes down the timeline a single layer.


      I was thinking of instead using a video camera to film a board game in various states of play and then edit it all together with Premiere Pro. The thing is, I still want to be able to do text overlays and pop-up boxes and stuff like you'd see on VH1's "Pop-Up Video". Is that something I'd use After Effects for? Would I need to create a sort-of "scratch video track" in Premiere, put it into AE, generate the effects and then overlay the effects layers somehow into Premiere? Am I going about this all wrong? I'm still not sure how all the different CS products fit together and what they're used for.


      Thanks for your help. Here are the videos I've made so far in Flash for reference.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Actually, doing the video would be a good way to handle the animation. It could be done with stills, or with video. I'd probably use stills, unless you also wish to record, say a hand moving a piece, then video.


          As for the pop-ups, and text overlays, the Titler will all you to do that. If you want "text balloons," or similar, you can create these in Titler, PS or AI, or get many as free downloads from the Internet. You can use these over and over, and just have a "text only" Title, that will change, as is needed, to overlay each.


          PrPro will allow you to animate these pop-ups with Effect>Motion>Position and Effect>Motion>Scale, and these can be Keyframed to do what you want, when you want it.


          Good luck,



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            UvulaBob Level 1

            I don't have a whole lot of cross-application experience, but are you saying I could create text boxes and the like within Illustrator and then import them into Premiere and stick them in their own layer? That'd be nice.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For the artwork, like the Pop-ups, and the like, I would create those in either AI, or Photoshop. Not really much difference in the creation stage. Though PrPro will Import AI files, I personally find that things are better, if one were to do it this way: Create the "speech" or "thought bubbles" in AI, bring them into PS for use in a New Image, using one of the Video Presets, like NTSC 720x480 Standard 4:3 with a PAR = 0.9. Then, Save_As .PSD for Import into PrPro.


              Now, you've got your video,or your stills on the Timeline on Video Track 1. Drag this "speech bubble" .PSD to where you want it on Video Track 2. For the text inside that bubble, just do a new Title in PrPro. You can check the Show Video, so you can position and size your text, as is necessary.


              For regular Titles, just create those in Titler right in PrPro. You can place these on Video Track 2, if you want them to appear "on" your video, or still, or just cut them into Video Track 1, if you want them to completely replace the footage on that Track.


              Effect>Motion>Position and Effect>Motion>Scale can be used to animate the Titles (either the Pop-ups, or the full Titles) with Keyframes, and you can animate other Effects, as well. I could see Gaussian Blur being used in the case of the Pop-ups, so that they go from totally blurred to sharp, along with their movement and possibly Scale.


              Good luck,