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    Premiere CS4 gets slower and slower than crashes

    Giorgio1957 Level 3

      First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.

      Now, go to my problem:

      everytime I run PPCS4, no problem for the first half or one hour, then, it goes slower and slower in loading files, effects applying and playing videos, then... pufffff, crash comes.

      It's an HD project (1080i) with different kind of files (.MTS, .m2t, ac3 and mp3).

      It's a long timeline (bit more than 2 hour).

      Nothing is rendered: doesn't matter if play is "clicked": this is not a problem, for now.

      If I cut a 10 minutes timeline it runs ok, also in video export AME (but I have not kept, the 10 min demo project, open for so long time (30-60 min)).

      During the time, CPU goes several time to 100% and Ram never exceed 1.9 Gb.

      Render is optimized for memory.

      Media files are saved in two different 500 Gb SATA HD.

      O.S. is Win7 Ultimate 32bit, with 4 Gb Corsair RAM and an ASUS Rampage Formula MotherBoard with an Intel Core DUO E8500 3.16GHz CPU.

      Had I to change my 32 bit in a 64 with more RAM? ( I could do it)

      .MTS files gave me problems with PPCS4 v4.1, but now, with the brand new 4.2 everything seems working good and OK.

      Any tips?


      Thanks in advance and greetings again.