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    RH8 - WebHelp Generated Resource.XML

    Freespirit-ST Level 1

      RoboHelp 8 generated a folder called "resource" with a resource.xml file, in the WebHelp generation process. This folder and file just appeared in the WebHelp folder output.  There is no resource folder or resource.xml in the project at all - it just appeared.


      When I removed this folder and file, there is no change or problem in the behavior or appearance of the WebHelp system - it seems to be just fine.  But I am concerned about removing something that I don't know about.


      I looked at the contents of the XML file in Notepad, and it seems to have a lot of references to RSS.  So, I'm wondering if this resource.xml is used for including RSS feeds in Help topics, which I believe is a new feature in RH8.  That could explain it.  I have no RSS feeds in any topic in this project.


      I've done searches in this forum for "resource.xml", plus Google/Bing searches too, but no obvious references to this file in RH8.  Am I missing something?


      This is not an urgent matter - the project is working fine.  I'm just very, very curious about this additional folder and file.  I would greatly appreciate any enlightenment or clues you can offer me on this situation. 


      Thanks so much!!