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    Why does "Jump to Slide" action disable the quiz slides?

    jgleim Level 1

      Here is what I have setup:


      I have a Captivate 4 program using AS 2. The program is a total of 23 slides (quizzes and tutorials). The program is broken into 3 lessons with one of the slides set as a menu slide. Each lesson button on the menu jumps to the slide that is the first slide of that lesson. At the end of each lesson I have a completion slide with a menu button that jumps back to the menu slide when it is clicked.



      Here is the problem:


      When I start the program and complete any of the lessons and return the menu, none of the question slides work in the remaining lessons. The question slides show up, but the radio buttons and submit button are no longer active on those slides. Its as if the program thinks the slide is complte, but nothing is selected. I have narrowed the problem down to the “Jump to Slide” action that I use on the Menu button in the lesson completion slides. If I would complete the program in a linear way without jumping back to the menu slide I don’t seem to have any problems. The problem seems to only occur when I jump backwards through the slides.



      Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is this a bug with Captivate or am I missing something?