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    upgrade path -> DP4 to MC4 - seriously pi$$ed off


      So this does not make any sense at all.


      I bought Design Premium 4 for the full amout of $1799 back in November. I have a very small company, but want to do the ethical thing when it comes to software.


      Now it turns out that I need to do a bit of video editing as well. Not much but a bit.


      It looked like Master Collection 4 had Premiere and whatnot to be able to do that, and it is $2499


      So I called Adobe thinking I could pay the difference which is $700


      Found out that nope! It's $1199 to upgrade from DP4 to MC4


      What gives?!!!!!!! Where does that extra $499 'tax' come from???!!!


      I'm not going from and old version to a new version - just adding in more options...



      So I am trying to be ethical when money is tight, and what do I get?


      A company that says "Thanks for buying our software, but now you have to pay more than anyone else for the same options"


      I mean seriously! It's not hard to find a version out there that would work, but not be ethical...


      You would think that with the economy the way it is that companies would make it easy to take your money. Not hard, and certainly not an extra 'tax' for being an existing customer.


      This is total BS.