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    Accessing MXML ArrayCollection from ActionScript class?

    ev0sonic Level 1
      I have an MXML file that has an arraycollection for my Tree component. I am overriding the updateDisplayList function in order to add lines to all of my nodes in the Tree.. however I can't seem to figure out how to access that ArrayCollection from inside the actionscript class?

      I have tried the methods used to pass variables between two MXML files (like a popup window - which I have used in the past and it works great).

      My actionscript class code is almost identical to this example here:


      In the above example the data is static, but my data is going to change sometimes and I need access to the entire dataProvider (ArrayCollection) in order to make the lines work right.. this has been very frustrating for me! :)

      if anyone knows of a better way to achieve gettign lines to the siblings in a Tree.. please let me know!

      Any help would be super duper awesome!