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    License agreement adobe 9 pro


      When I try to accept license agreement Adobe 9 pro suddenly close. I couldn't get help from support. Can somebody help me?.

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          I have the same problem, and no solution from Adobe either and now have purchased the software and can't use it.

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            I have the same issue with my Netbook; I cannot see the "accept" button to accept the agreement no matter what I do so I cannot finish downloading or use Reader.



            Adobe wants $39 to speak to me and told me to go to forums.


            Any suggestions?

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              Hopefully this thread will help:



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                I don't know if I have similar problem. I can see the accept | deny | cancel buttons just fine.  However, when I click on them, no action happens.  I see the button press in and out, but no action. Screen stays stuck at license agreeement screen.


                I was on phone with Adobe support for 3 hours, installing, uninstalling, etc.


                We tried to change display settings, did the link from the post above this one (regestering the dll).  no luck at all


                Adobe said they would call back from Level 2 support.  I will post more to see what they tell me.

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                  I am having the exact same problem and was on the phone with India for over an hour with no success.  Did you ever get yours answered?  

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                    Had the exact same problem and  tried all the previous tips to resolve, including registering the  jscript.dll.

                    Thanks to the genius who posted the answer on another  'windows' forum (wish I could find that again).


                    Create a new  local admin account (add that account to the administrator  group).

                    Login to the new account and launch Acrobat. Then  (hopefully) you can click "Accept" to the license agreement.

                    The  registry key it creates is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe  Acrobat\9.0\AdobeViewer\EULAAcceptedForBrowser (DWORD=0x00000001). Not  sure if you can just manually add the registry value as I had already  fixed it by creating the new local account.

                    After it accepts the  license agreement, you can go back into your normal profile and run  acrobat. yea!.