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    Is there a PDF viewer plugin for flash?


      We are building a tool to view documents that currently exist as PDF files and will view future (yet to be created) PDF files.


      I'd like this tool to be a Flash based tool, however I've heard that there is no PDF viewer for Flash, is this still true with the latest version or future versions to come?


      I am familiar with the ability to convert PDF to SWF and view SWF files via a Flashpaper viewer... however :


      1) We ran into a limitation with SWF files in that interdocument links and internet links originally in the PDF do not work in SWF/Flashpaper - a showstopper.


      2) The version of Flash we reviewed for this might have been old and not bleeding edge. The tool we are building would be best developed if it could display the already 1000s of created PDF files it will be used to view instead of having to convert each one initially and then in batch mode for new PDFs.


      Thanks for any clues or suggestions on this.