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    Working with external assets


      I remember in previous versions of FW that you could impot a PSD to the library as an imported external asset, place it on the canvas and then if you made any changes to the original PSD, update the asset to see the changes reflected in FW.


      Some where along the way it looks like this functionality was removed. I have CS4, but have not been able to replicate this with the last few versions. Is it still possible to import and update external assets like this in FW?


      If so, was is the workflow?

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          To my knowledge, this functionality has never existed. Fireworks doesn't retain a link to external assets which are imported.  For several versions, Photoshop and Illustrator  (and InDesign I believe) have supported this concept through the use of Smart Objects, but not FW.


          Jim Babbage