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    navigate from page to page




      I am very much new to this technology.How can we navigate from one page to other.suppose i have login page after sucessfull login we have to take the user home page other wise login page.how can we do this in flex.




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          In flex there is no page concept. However you can use viewstack, tabnavigator, accordion to navigate from one part to another.


          Hope this helps



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            ohhh thanks.

            how can we build enterprise applications using flex and java.any suggestion plz

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              One of the main objectives in any RIA framework is to get rid of the paged architecture, it's get too cumbersome passing values between pages and storing data in session variables and there's nothing 'object oriented' about it...


              In flex you build an application as a whole, instead of a collection of pages. Your applicaiton is just 1 swf in the end, or it could be broken down into modules.


              The best way to navigate around a flex app is to use a ViewStack, for ex in the login page: the login screen forms the 1st page/tab of the viewstack, and the home screen of your app the second. If the user id and password match you show the user the second tab and hide the first tab.


              And inside of your home page, the best way to group functionality/ content is to use a tab navigator. You have other options like again a ViewStack, or states, etc... One other way of doing it is to build your applicaiton on different canvases and show/ hide a particular canvas with the help of a LinkBar or a Menu.


              For enterprise scale applicaitons, you can divide your applicaiton into logical modules. Each module will result in a SWF file and you can dynamically load/ unload this file inside of your application as the need arises. This reduces the size of your main SWF and thus a much faster loading on the client.



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                very much thankful for your elaborated reply.now i got the point.