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    What's the word on AI14 and Mac OS10.6.2?

    [scott] Level 6

      Need to do a bi-annual erase and install to improve performance. Is Mac OS10.6.2 happy enough with AI14 or should I stick with OS10.5.8 for a bit more?


      Looking for first hand experiences.



      And yes, I can do a dual boot, but that entails keeping correspondence, calendars, address books, and other files updated on both systems. More trouble than it's worth for a working environment. I have been running OS10.6.2 on a MacBookPro with little or no issues, but that's not really a work station. It's more of a satellite system.

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          It depends on the health of the system and what applications i guess I recently did a reinstall and had less issues with 10.6.2 than I did from the upgrade.


          However the upgrade was 10.6 and not 10.6.2.


          There are some issues like you have to print to  a ps and distill if you are printing to pdf.


          save is not a problem.


          Some people experience repeated crashes I do not, I think it is user related.


          Depending on what printer you use you might want to save a file to pdf and print from there as well.