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    itemRenderer by gridCell, DataGrid questions

    AG_pr Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am using a DataGrid with 3 columns to display data. 1st colum is just a label - non editable text, 2nd column is where I want to set/unset an itemRenderer (in this case a comboBox), 3rd column is a label - non editable or a text editable field.


      Here is my problem,  I want to be able to set/unset the item rederer by cell.  Meaning, right now you can only set it by column but I don't want all my rows to have the combo box renderer, i want it to be based on some data.  So, let say for row 0 is set to the comboBox redenrer but for row 1 it is just set to the default label renderer.  All the examples I have found you can only set the special renderer to the entire column.


      Also, for column 3 i have it define as editable (user can edit/enter text in the cell) but again you can set it to the entire column, it is posible to set it by cell.


      Many thanks in advance!