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    How do I find an object/text using a specific color? AI-CS4


      Hello all:


      I am having a pesky problem. I built a doc using a custom color palette, and then I changed the colors in the palette and also modified all objects and linked graphics to the new palette.


      But there is one deprecated color that still shows up in my swatches, and I can't remove it trying all known ways.


      Therefore, there has to be at least one thing still using this color, tucked away hidden somewhere.


      I have torn the doc apart, as well as all the linked graphics docs and still can't find it.


      Is there some way to search a doc for anything (text, path, object, etc.) that uses a specific color? As least, then, I can find the darned thing.


      Sorry, forgot to mention. I'm using AI-CS4


      Thanks in advance.