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      Hello i have been making my porfolio website through Flash Catalyst, which has been quite a challenge to say the least recently found out that each project in the Beta 2 version can only hold 20 different pages. This was not good news when i found out that i had at least 20 images to present on the site.


      So my solution is to create several projects, then link each project by selecting (go to to url) when I click on a specific button.

      Problem is i don't know what code to put in the url to make this work


      Can anyone help!


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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Instead of using several linked Catalyst projects, you can get around the 20 state limit by using custom components. Custom components can have states as well, so by having an app that has several states with custom components that have states, you can get more unique views of your app.


          Try this:

          1. select some of your arwork where you need more states. Right click and choose "Convert to Custom Component"

          2. Double-click to edit the custom component. Note that you can now create states in the custom component. Try  creating a few states here

          3. To exit editing the component, double click a blank area on the artboard

          4. If you try creating a "On click transition to state" interaction now you will see that you can choose from both the states of the application as well as the states of the custom component.




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            prenderg89 Level 1

            Yes thank you, that is the solution!


            So I can create as many of these custom component states as I want within the various states application if that makes sense!?