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    Acro Preflight "Destination profile not recommended" ?


      But checking Ghent (www.gwg.org) says I am using the recommended profile!


      The printing environment is open web on newsprint.


      The file was exported out of InDesign as PDF/X-1a (Destination SNAP 2007) and Output Intent SNAP 2007.

      Here you will see a chart that says that's the right profie: http://gwg.org/


      The full warning message from Acrobat's preflight tool:


      "Desntination profile is not recommended for Web Offset (cold set)

      The Ghent Workgroup recommends certain ICC profiles for use as a destination profile in the PDF/X output intent when exchanging PDF/X files according to the Ghent specifications. See www.gwg.org."


      If I run the fix-up from the Preflight tool it changes the output intent to ISO/DIS 12647... somthing.



      What the heck?


      Thanks for any input on this.