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      Yes, I know - should be shot for even saying the word and that CSS is the solution for World peace etc. However, I'm quite new to DW, and simply ain't got the time at the moment to learn CSS.
      Therefore, I wondered if the following is possible?

      I'm building a site in which I want a quite elaborate "frame" around the main content (not Frame as in web design - think picture frame).

      When I insert the content in the central part, I want the outer frame to remain as it is and vertical scroll bars to appear when the content of the central part gets too large.

      Hard to visualise, I know but take a look at this - the red is the external frame and the green bit in the centre is where I want to put the content.

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant
          You would either use a frame or a scrolling div. Note that forcing users to scroll a small area to read content is often a bad idea. Usability studies show that users prefer full length pages that do not require scrolling, or require less scrolling.