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    Bug with swc folders and library projects?

      Hi guys, hope someone can help here. We are just in the process of starting a fairly large flex project and we were trying to work out a solution so that I as a designer can view and edit custom components with visual styles applied.
      Now I know that you aren't meant to add a style tag into the component but it was working for me and I could at least preview the styles in 'design mode'.

      The problem arises though when you have a large project with shared assets across projects. I had 3 projects set up in my workspace:
      Project 1: Library project with css files, swc and graphics
      Project 2: Library project with components for Project 3 Application
      Project 3: Application project

      What I did was to add a external source folder to Project 2 & 3 both of which was Project 1. So far so good, the css loaded into my application from Project 1 and I could view my styles in my custom componants in Project 2
      But, I needed to add swc files for custom buttons etc in my application. So, I thought I would just add an swc folder source to my build path in both my Project 2 & 3 which referenced an swc folder in Project 1. Well, it did work and I could view everything fine but (and here is the main problem) this corrupts the workspace. Once Flex has closed and tries to reopen my workspace it hangs, same if I change workspace in Flex from another workspace to this one.

      Can anyone help? Is this a flex bug?