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    Big hugly bugs!

    JoanaBCunha Level 1

      All of you that use catalyst have probalby noticed that it likes from time to time to just, without any explanation, close. It's ok as long if it asks you if you want to recover the file you were working on. Nonetheless i would advise to at least pronpt the user before quiting or something like that ( it does some times, but mostly just closes with no explanation). Maybe it's because i'm on Vista 64bits, dunno, it's just really anoying.


      Another bug i'd like to report, if you can call it a bug, it's that catalyst loves to drag around and takes forever in simple requests, from entering a component, or choosing a layer....it's just plain anoying!

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Hi Joana,

                 Thank you for the feedback. We improved the performance and memory usage of Catalyst quite a bit from beta I to beta II, and since then we have continue working in these areas, so you should see improvements with the next release. Sorry to hear you have been crashing with beta II. In the meanwhile, you can keep Catalyst going as fast as possible by:


          1. Converting graphics to "optimized graphics"

          2. Avoid too many top level states by converting parts of your design to custom components

          3. Rasterize/flatten vector artwork in cases where the artwork doesn't need to resize





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            Angelo Gargarello

            I also have had the same problem. But in addition when I did not crash when testing a page the page would not load. I am just going back to regular flash untill they can fix this issue other then that it is perfect for web desigen. Sorry but please fix the bug