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    Changing the project language using the command line

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      (RH8 HTML on Vista.)



      Hi all,

      I have a localized project with 4 layouts: 2 for English and 2 for French. I want to generate all 4 layouts in one go with a script, using the command line. (The script would generate all the outputs, then copy them from my hard disk to a network location.)



      My project is set up as described in Adobe's article, Managing Localized Adobe RoboHelp 8 Projects. The article says « all you need to do before generating in the future is go to File > Project Settings and change the project language ». Doing it via the RH interface works fine.



      However, I don’t know what to do with my command line instructions. There doesn't seem to be an option to set the project language. This means that all layouts will use the language that is set at the time of generation. And for instance the WebHelp labels for the French could show up in English in the output.


      In my script file, what I was hoping to do was set the project language to English, generate layouts chm_EN and web_en, then change the project language to French and generate layouts chm_fr and web_fr.



      Can anyone help?

      Thanks a lot,