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    CS4 MulitCam Archive Question

    fishging Level 1

      Here are the details. 

      Projects are three 30-35min .mov footage (dv), edited into one 30-35min. sequence via multicam.

      Final project with all footage, files, etc. is about 20-30GB.


      I am looking for a way to get the final project folder down to a 5-10GB size for archiving. I do not need to keep the original files, but would like the ability to edit titles, and export different file types later.


      Tried to use "Project Manager" to trim project to just the multicam sequence and I can't seem to get it to work.


      Any other ideas?

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          If you dont need any footage saved; just save the project.


          Test this by moving a copy of the project file to a new folder with no other assetts.  Titles by default are embdeed in the project file.   When you start the project just tell it to ignore all the lost assets and away you go

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            fishging Level 1

            I do want the multicam sequence saved, just not the 3 original camera sequences.  Any way to do this?  


            It seems like I should be able to 'trim' the project to just that sequence and not have to keep all the original sequences.  I know that would not allow me to 're-cut' the footage, but I would be ok with that.

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              Curt Wrigley Level 4

              Im sry; I missunderstood.


              If in Project manager you checked "exclude unused clips" and the trimmed project is coming out the same as the old; it means you are using all te clips.


              Multicam is basically an edited version of a nested sequence of your original clips; ergo it makes all the clips in the oringial sequence necessary.


              Now; if you have clips in the bin Not used in mullticam or the project elsewhere; they would get trimmed or excluded and save you some space.  But, if they are all used in the original multicam seq you wont see any trimming.


              One work around would be to export a dv movie of the final multicam sequence.  Copy your existing final seqeunce to a new sequence *titles etc..) but replace the actual multicam sequence with a rendered out clip.   Then; you could just save this sequence using project manager and save some space.

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