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    Issues with reference monitor


      Hi guys, Im new here and could really use some help.


      I have Premier Pro CS3 and am having trouble with the reference monitor, It seems to display the clips in the timeline in seemingly random scales, I tried making some stop motion with some still photos I had taken on my digital camera but when viewed in the reference monitor they seem to be zoomed in to the center third of the photo or so, however in the source monitor they look just fine and full scale. After that I tried with some video that was also recorded with my digital camera which had previously worked fine, this time the footage seemed like it was zoomed out leaving a frame of black around each clip.


      Both the video and still pictures scale can be changed in the effect controls but obviously I dont want to have to change every clip on every thing i make! It might also be worth mentioning that I recently bought an external hardrive and have transfered all my files to that.


      Any ideas/help would be great, Im sure its simple but im stuck.


      Many thanks,


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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          I suspect you are referring to the program monitor, not a reference monitor.


          If your clips are one size in the source monitor, and another size in the program monitor, it is an indication that your project preset does not match your source footage.   (make sure both monitors are set to "Fit" as the scaling )


          For stills, check that "scale to frame size" is set or not set; depending how you want Pr to handle them.