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    Computer Reboots when the Reader is ran


      We have a client that uses a Adobe Reader 9.2 from a website.  When a report is generated and pulled up, it will come up fine the first time.  The very next time its pulled up, it will reboot the computer.  Then it will again work 1 time and reboot on the 2nd try.


      Even if i'm double clicking the 9 icon, it will open the first time fine, then reboot the pc on the next.  I've tried to uninstall /reboot/ reinstall.  Even tried using a older version.


      Has anyone seen this before.  It does it with any profile on the PC also.  XP SP3, Dell Optiplex Gx620, 2 gig mem


      I've even installed a free pdf reader and it works fine, but most of the programs they use, require Adobe.


      Thanks in advance!!!




      Please email me if you have any ideas.