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    possible to set shortcut for file > scripts > custom script ?

    Van.T Level 1

      i have some custom scripts in file > scripts. i'd like to set a shortcut key for them, but you can't do that thru edit > keyboard shortcuts because the custom ones don't show up, only "other script F12" shows up.


      is there a way to set a shortcut to execute a custom script? i am using Ai CS3 version 13.0.2




      some work arounds i tried that didn't seem to work:

      - setting the script as an action - didn't work, the script does a bunch of stuff that can't be solved by actions

      - setting an action and inserting a menu item, then setting a shortcut to run the action - doesn't help because menu item (the script) gets disassocated from the action every time you shut down Ai. sometimes it disassociates itself. tried to save the actions and reload them, but the scripts were still disassociated



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          I guess not it use to be something you could do.


          BTW  taking this function out of Illustrator is the craziest thing I can think of at the moment.

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            Van.T Level 1

            ok, so if the shortcut is not possible, is there some way to save the shortcut saved through actions? whenever i include a script in an action, then close and restart ai, the script goes missing from the action set


            if i save the action, and reload it in ai, i get an error message saying ""Some event has not been registered for action." when i check the action set i just reloaded, the script is missing


            how do i "register" an event for action? or, how can i prevent the script from disappearing in the action set every time i close ai?




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              JETalmage Level 6

              As it sounds like you have already discovered, you should be able to define an Action with but one InsertMenuCommand step in it. That menu command would be the selection of your script from the File Menu.


              However, that functionality has been broken for four full versions now. The Menu Command step goes vacant after quitting and re-launching Illustrator.


              I keep an Action in my Actions palette titled CurrentScript. I can at least, at the beginning of a work session in which I know I will need to call a particular script repeatedly, re-do the Insert Menu Item step and have it survive during the work session. (It will, of course, be gone if I quit & relauch.)


              If Actions could reliably call scripts from the File menu, one could do some very cool things. Many operations in the standard UI are not available via the scripting model, and of course vice-versa. Simply being able to reliably call scripts as individual steps of an Action would open the door for elaborate automations that perform both scripted functions and those available in the UI.


              But alas, users have been complaining about this bug for four versions now.


              I think it is conceivable that one could build a Javascript that employs the ScriptUI functionality, and have that script run automatically at launch. That script could simply be a "dashboard" palette from which to call other scripts. But one should not have to go to such ridiculous lengths to work around a bug that has gone unaddressed for so long.



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                Van.T Level 1

                maybe adobe just doesn't want people to be able to do elaborate automations.


                thanks for your response!