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    Workflow Sony HDR-HC3(1080i) to blu-ray

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      I have been looking for a good workflow to get my HD footage on blu-ray.

      I found a lot of good articles but could not find one that matches my needs.


      This is my hardware:

      • Sony HDR-HC3 camera 1080i/60 PAL (I live in Belgium so no NTSC)
      • Brand new computer 8cores 12GB ram 6TB of diskspace for projects in raid3 with windows 7 pro 64 bit and adobe premiere pro cs4
      • Old computer core2 duo, 4 cores, 4GB ram with windows XP 32 bit and adobe premiere pro cs3


      Old workflow:

      • from tape to MT2 using HDVSPLIT with ffdshow (libavcodec for MPEG2)
      • import MT2 directly into Premiere Pro cs3 project (1080i)
      • Edited in Premiere Pro cs3 but never exported to blu-ray before. I always exported directly out of premiere back to a tape in HD because I did not have a blu-ray writer at that time.  I then played my movies through the camcorder. Now I do have a blu-ray writer in my pc, a blu-ray player attached to my TV and  a mediaplayer connected to my TV which is capable of playing blu-ray rips from harddisk.


      Basically what I am looking for is an easy way/workflow to get my hd footage from tape to hd blu-ray format and a good/fluid way to edit in premiere pro cs4 on my new PC.


      I read that MT2 is hard to work with in Adobe Premiere. So far I have not been complaining with my old system but is there a better way (converting to other format/codec) keeping in mind that my output would be hd blu-ray.

      Also what settings do you recommend in CS4 and how to export(encore... which codecs/settings/... )