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    Help wanted! flash + firefox OR safari


      Well I'll start introducing myself... Don't speak pretty well english so I'll try to explain myself the best I can. Well I'm Fabiola and I'm a student and I'm having some trouble loading movies with flash. Well I've got 2 different personal web sites, they're just the same but one of them is just for testing purposes, and the problem is that my testing site works perfectly fine but in the other site I've got the same page with some flash animations and it does load perfect on IE8 but if I try to see it on Safari, Firefox, Opera or GChrome it just doesn't work fine, it loads some animations but not everyone, it doesn't let me see my 2 buttons and I've been checking out for bad ¿addresing?, the properties of exportation, and the actionscript version and I do not find an answer for it. Just don't get it... why some of them work perfectly fine and others doesn't?... I thought about the flash player vers. but then... none of them should be running right?. Help Please. I just don't know what happens.



      Thanks a lot.