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    is there a way i can have the httpservice execute everytime i run my application?


      hey guys.. for some reason when i make changes to my xml and rerun my application i can never see my changes...

      im not sure if this is a bug or not...


      but to fix it i usually switch from doing the httpservice request in my action script to my httpservice request in my mxml, and viceversa...


      hopefully that makes sence...



      for example in my actionscript i have

              myXml = new HTTPService();
              myXml.url = "modules/apx32/apx32TroubleshootingXml.xml";
              myXml.resultFormat = "e4x";
              myXml.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, myXml_resultHandeler);
              myXml.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, myXml_faultHandler);



      and in my mxml i have


              <s:HTTPService id="myXml" url="modules/apx32/apx32TroubleshootingXml.xml" resultFormat="e4x"
                             result="myXml_resultHandeler(event)" fault="myXml_faultHandler(event)" />




      so i just comment out then mxml code when and uncomment my actionscript and vice versa... and then im able to see my changes...


      any ideas on why this is happeneing?