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    Help with Computer Setup


      I just want to see if this is the right setup for video editing. I will mostly work with AVCHD files and exporting it to Blu-Ray discs. My projects will be on the C drive and I will store the end products on the D drive. Is the stripe sizes correct? I changed my mind and will go with RAID 6 for the D drive. Do you think that's better than RAID 10? Which drive should I set the scratch disks?


      My current system is:


      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

      i7 965

      12GB Memory

      Asus p6t Deluxe

      1000w PS

      Blu-Ray Burner


      My new parts:


      Areca 1231ml RAID Controller Card

      Two 120GB OCZ OCZSSD2-1VTX120G SSDs

      Six 2TB Western Digital WD20EADS HDs


      The two SSDs will be RAID 0 and the stripe size 64k

      The 6 WD drives will be RAID 6 and the stripe size 128k

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Is there a specific reason you chose the 1231ML instead if the newer 1680-iX-12 with the faster IOP348?

          Make sure your SSD's support the trim function.

          Why Raid6 instead of Raid3, possibly with a hot-spare (7-th) disk?

          Run HD-Tach or similar and put your scratch disks on the fastest array.