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    swf in a webapp not rendering


      Hi all,

      I'm fairly new to Flash.


      I used FalshDevelop to compile PanoSalado opensource ".as" files to produce corresponding ".swf" files.


      When I run the file from the browser (in FF) like so:



      it works great and my movie shows.


      However, when I run it via a webapp under Tomcat, it just sits there. The url is:



      Note that I'm running the same file (.swf) from the same place in the filesystem.



      And I even tried to embed the swf in an html page (actually a jsp page) to see if it would work.. but no dice... same issue.

      FWIW the html that is used to invoke the swf is :


      <div id="flashbanner">this will be replaced by the SWF.</div>

      <script type="text/javascript">
        var so = new SWFObject('maps/ModuleLoader.swf','mpl','555','416','9', '#336699');


      So why does it do that and is there a way to debug this in a browser?


      Is there an example of invoking a swf in a webapp somewhere?



      Thanks a lot!