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    Flash Quiz Result Help


      Hi! I'm new to Flash and I'm wondering if someone can help me with the personality test I'm doing for my personal site.

      I made a quiz using the quiz template available in Flash 9. I have 15 questions which is divided to 3 questions per category...the 5 categories are: Food, Fashion, Travel, Art and Music. I already finished the questions part, my problem is how to customize the result where I can calculate the score for each category by using a bar graph.

      ex: the result is
      1 Food
      2 Travel
      2 Music
      1 Art
      3 Fashion

      the graph wil be:
      1 yellow bar, 2 purple bars, 2 green bars, 1 red bar, 3 blue bars.
      If the user have no correct answer on a category no bars will appear.

      I don't know what to do huhuhu...I tried searching for tutorials but no success :(

      Need you expert help badly :(