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    Unhandled event loop exception in editor

    redtopia Level 1

      I'm getting frequent unhandled exceptions when editing and then Eclipse tells me I should exit. I attached the log I exported from Eclipse. The error is:


      Unhandled event loop exception



      Also, maybe unrelated, but sometimes the entire eclipse world freezes. I can close the workbench window, but the eclipse process is still running, which I have to force quit from the task manager.

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          redtopia Level 1

          I just encountered another random freeze. Seems to happen at least once a day. Here's what I was doing:


          In the ColdFusion persective, I clicked on the Snippets tab, but it appears as though I accidentally clicked on the Error Log tab, I'm not entirely sure. I'm pretty sure I clicked in the snippets tab though because I can see that eclipse started to draw the snippets tab in front of the search tab, which I think was previously loaded. Either way, what I see now are some bad draws at the top of the tab list and the beginning of the error log list. I'm not sure why the error log list came up... perhaps because my click caused a bunch of errors, which eventually froze eclipse. The error log list is filled with 2 errors:


          Unhandled event loop exception

          Error occurred during status handling


          I was able to close the eclipse workbench and then force quit the eclipse process and restart eclipse. I attached the exception log.


          Also, I just noticed that after restarting, the snippets tab is now missing from the pane where it was previously located... next to search and error log.