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    Too Many Activations again


      For last few weeks I again can't access my ebooks. Digital Edition is again giving me Too Many Activations error.


      I've submitted a case: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/support/index.cfm?event=casedetail&id=0181360687&loc=en_us but it seems that nobody in support knows how to reset the Digital Editions count besides Jim on this forum.


      Jim, can you please add activations to my acount?


      And, if you don't mind, I have several questions:


      1. I've raised 2 support cases and called number of times and it seems that nobody else in support has any clue about Digital Editions. Shouldn't there be some documented procedures for resetting Digital Editions activations?


      2. This appears to be a bug that is known for years and according to this forum affects number of people. Is that bug ever going to be fixed? Is there any other version of Digital Editions planned?


      3. I've spent thousands of USD on ebooks? How can I get them out from Digital Editions and into some other tool? What are my options?