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    Compositing Nightmare: A tale of tracking...


      Alrighty! Here is an example of something that should have been done on set, but wasn't. I need to get a steel "V" on the jacket of the actress.


      In the first frame below, I've added in a "V" on her right forearm, it was fairly easy to motion track - pretty easy as her arm moves up. The other V comes in on her left forearm as you'll see in the next pic. For now here is pic 1:




      Pic 2: This is basically where the V should be. I've blended it in alright, but I have nothing to track with! It's just a blue smudge of fabric. I've tried tracking the cuff between her skin and fabric, and then offsetting the anchor point of the V, but to no avail, it looked terrible.pic2.jpg


      Pic 3: This is basically where it should end up, I moved it here manually for illustration purposes. I'm not even sure if it matches up with the above pic LOL.





      Any help on how I could possibly digitally glue this "V" onto the jacket would be AMAZING!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd look for a part of the hand that doesn't change much. Maybe the little dimple near the base of the middle finger. Pick several of these points, track them to a null, then average the track. If you have CS4 you might try tracking the back of the hand in MOCHA and using that data. If all tracking fails you have to do it by hand. It will take a while but it can be done.

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            As Rick said, this looks like a job for Mocha. Draw a spline around the upper hand and it should work.


            If it is a locked off shot, you can try to use AE to track the area between the actress' fingers like this:




            Tracking large areas turns AE's point tracker into a mocha-like shape tracker and works well when there's a lot of motion blur or lack of reference points. The shape in the inner square has good luminance contrast and seems not to vary much over time in the reference images, so it should work. However it will be very, very slow.


            The tracker is not multithreaded so adjust the outer region according to the amount of movement and keep adapt feature off at first to save some processing time.

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              calendardays Level 1

              Hey guys! Thanks for the help, Mocha has been great. I'll keep you posted.