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    Using movie format to load bitmaps?

      I am making a game which has a serious amount of animated bitmaps. So far I have loaded all frames as individual images, but its clear this approach will result in a monster download as individual PNG files do not compress well for animations at all.

      So, I am considering loading FLV files compressed using H264, with an alpha channel (8-bit alpha channels are crucial in my game). This will take care of the size problem.

      However, I cannot play FLV files directly, as the game features hundreds of animated sprites at the same time, and decoding the animation from H264 for each one in real time is just too slow.

      My idea is to load the movie, then extract individual frames from it as BitmapData objects, with the alpha channel intact.

      But, so far, I have not found a way to extract all frames from a FLV movie into BitmapData objects.

      Can anyone help?