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    play movieclip on main timeline - simple question!!


      Hi all this should be really quick and easy to answer!

      Flash CS4 on PC


      I've created a movie clip with an animation on it's own timeline 30 frames long. When I press 'Enter' while inside the movieclip the animation plays ok.

      On the main timeline, I have one layer 30 frames long with the movieclip symbol placed on frame one. If I press 'Enter' the main timeline play head moves to frame 30 but the movieclip animation does not play on the stage. If I press 'Ctrl + Enter' or publish to swf then the animation plays ok but I can't setup the stage how I want it without the animation playing on the stage. Do I need to just change a viewing setting (tick box in preferences) or is this related to AS3 or new CS4 inner workings?