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    How to automate testing of features that require user interaction?

    jake_flex Level 2

      I am currently evaluating a test automation tool (RIATest) for my Flex app. In my app, the user uploads/downloads several files from the server. When I try to create an automation script for the process, I get error #2176 (also copied in the end of the post).


      Now, my question is that is there anyway to prevent this from happening? Is there some config file that could be modified to set up an isolated test environment without these security restrictions?


      My app uses some features that are only available with Flash 10, so using Flash 9 is not an option (I have understood that these security settings came with Flash 10).




      Error: Error #2176: Certain actions,
             such as those that display a pop-up window,
             may only be invoked upon user interaction,
             for example by a mouse click or button press.