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    CP4 - Project template/background from PP turns black when publishing




      Firstly let me start by saying I’m a rookie when it comes to CP so this might be a simple fix.


      I’ve created an E-Learning course using MS PP 07’ to give me the basic background and layout. Importing to CP4 works fine, and I have managed to finish my project with all the bells and whistles that CP4 offers (entry level I’m sure) including a short quiz at the end using a JPEG image for the background image this time.


      When reviewing the project, the content is displayed as I have designed it however when I publish the project some of my slides, in no particular order turn back around the boarders where it would normally be white. The content section in the middle retains the correct colours etc and the company logo on the top right is also still shown.


      I have though managed to narrow the problem down a bit. If I remove the question slides and publish the project it come out how it should however if I add even a single question slide, without editing the slide the problem reoccurs after publishing.


      Am I missing something really simple?