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    Broadcasting MPEG 2 video with multichannel audio

    The Basha

      Dear sir 


      Using PrPro 2 or CS4 I want to export MPEG 2 video with multichannel audio  ( 2 separated stereo channels ) for broadcasting purposes .


      As you know there are some TV channels that allows you to switch between two audio tracks , which I am  looking to accomplish


      This is some of specifications that I use for video production :

      1. Primer  DV PAL preset .

      2. AVI format

      3. Canopus Grass Valley ProCoder 3 ( to convert video from AVI to MPEG 2 ) according to the Broadcasting standers .



      As you see I'm not able to separate the 2 Audio tracks when I try to export the video file.


      So If you have specific method or steps to apply ( 2 separated stereo channels ) for one video file , please be kind to inform me with it .

      also please let me know if I missed any details .



      Best wishes