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    How do I get JAWS to work?

    Jerry62712 Level 1

      I don't hear the page in JAWS.  I have set the accessibilityProperties.name for each of the fields on the form and have it turned on in the project properties.  Here is how it is set:

      public function gAccessibility():void {

          if (ADDRESS.accessibilityProperties.name == "Address")

              return;        // already been here


          // establish accessibility ************************************************
          gHeader.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          btnGSaveRecord.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          btnGNewRecord.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          btnGResetForm.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();


          ADDRESS.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          CITY.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          GUARDIANOF.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          GUARDIANFNAME.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();
          GUARDIANLNAME.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties();

          // set the accessibility audio name ****************************************
          gHeader.accessibilityProperties.name = "Guardian Form";
          btnGSaveRecord.accessibilityProperties.name = "Save Record Button";
          btnGNewRecord.accessibilityProperties.name = "New Record Button";
          btnGResetForm.accessibilityProperties.name = "Reset Form Button";


          ADDRESS.accessibilityProperties.name = "Address";
          CITY.accessibilityProperties.name = "City";
          GUARDIANOF.accessibilityProperties.name = "Guardian of";
          GUARDIANFNAME.accessibilityProperties.name = "Guardian First Name";
          GUARDIANLNAME.accessibilityProperties.name = "Guardian Last Name";


          if (Accessibility.active)


      There is a similar function for each of the forms/states in the application.