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    Use encode ISO-8859-7


      Hi All,

           I'm new on this Forums and I want tell thanks to all for the help (I'm sorry if my english is not beatiful or correct)

           I'm using Flex on the last year and I have a web application for manage data arrive from file ASP.


           I need now to make a change on my application for read greek language. I set on my ASP the ISO for the language and all run well..

           But when I open a answer from ASP in Flex with mx:HTTPService the string on asp with greek symbol became in europe encode ISO-8859-1


           I try to change the setting of my pc to Greek but nothing change.


           Somebody know what is need to change for retrive this string in flex ?


           An other thing.. If I write in greek on a label in flex I saw the carachater without problem.


      Please help me


      Thank a lot for the helpand happy new year