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    Link in Webhelp to open sub-TOC tree of a 'Book with Link'

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      RH8 HTML

      Hi all, hoping I can find a solution for this.


      Currently, and as it should, I link to a page in my webhelp, from within my webhelp. i.e front page has a link that refers to another section in the webhelp. The links work fine, these links however are going to the 'book' (I created the TOC books to be books with links) and within these books are other topics.#


      Is there a way to make it so that when the user clicks a link that goes to one of these 'books' in the TOC, that the toc tree also drops down.


      example (hard to explain)




      Home (contains link that user clicks which goes to Page 1)


      Page 1 (book with link)

           sub-page1 (remains closed until user opens it by clicking 'Page 1' book)

           subpage 2 (remains closed until user opens it by clicking 'Page 1' book)


      I would like those sub-pages to be opened when the link is clicked. Can it be done?


      Thanks, hope its clear....