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    Fireworks CS4 forces Windows 7 Basic Colors


      Why does Firewords CS4 cause Windows 7 64bit 

      Ulitmate to switch to the Windows Basic Colors when opened?


      Get the Notice:

      The color scheme has been changed


      The following program has performed an action that requires Windoes to temporiarly change the color scheme to Windows 7 Basic

      Program: Adobe Firewords CS4
      Publisher: Adobe

      Process identifier (PID) 7044

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          pixlor Level 4

          It sounds like you have triggered a compatability mode. Find the Fireworks executable (probably buried under C:\Program Files\Adobe), right-click and check for compatibility. You may need to run in an XP-compatable mode, but that shouldn't mean you lose color depth, just the Aero theme.

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            sspeaks Level 1

            No help. Fireworks did not block Aero in Vista,

            cannot figure why it is in Windows 7

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              I have been experiencing the same issue in Bridge CS5. I was fine until I tried to batch rename files. As soon as the operation would start, it would kick me to Windows 7 Basic color scheme(I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit). After reading this post, I went to the start menu and right clicked on Bridge so I could access the properties window. I feel we should not have to run in compatability mode, isn't that why we upgrade? So I decided to check to see if it would work. I discovered that Bridge defaulted to XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode which makes total sense since XP never did support the Aeroglass theme. After shutting off compatibility mode and restarting, everything is working fine.