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    Reader Download Probs - Win XP




      Sorry if this question has been asked already.


      Does anyone know why I am having probs downloading the latest (9) version of Reader.


      I am using XP and for some reason I am not informed of latest versions of Adobe so have to download manually.


      I successfully downloaded the latest flashplayer but this took abit of work and I had to use a specific download link on the troubleshoot page of the website.


      Everytime I try to download Reader the screen freezes.  I then get an error message from Dr Watson Debugger before the screen closes and then an Int Exp error message shows.


      I have tried several different things, mainly as what the trouble shooting page states of the Adobe website, non appears to work.

      I have also disabled Dr Watson but doing this seems to make the comp search for another debug device before the screen freezes, closes and gives the int exp error message.