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    Need help with buttoning


      hi, im in dire need of help


      with my schools project being 1 week away i started linking up my scenes (we needed to create some virtual world with some small motion tweens in it, contained in different scenes)


      we need to be able to navigate trough it.

      as my fellow students im using the on(release){gotoAndPlay("scene #") code.

      the first one worked fine, but now, trying to input a new link to another scene, the other button also goes there regardless of the code.


      no1 else seems so have this problem, is it a bug?


      for some simple overvieuw:


      Scene 1 should link to 2 and 3

      after the first button it links to 2

      when i applied the second button both go to scene 3


      plx help



      all buttons seem to link to the next scene in the list regardless of code

      buttons in scene 1 all link to scene 2, in scene 2 all link to scene 3 (or in this case its 5 because thats the next 1 on the list)