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    Problems with Fade Out/Reload in State


      I am having the toughest time trying to figure this one out. . .  I have followed some great advice from these forums to get this project to its current state, but cannot get it to function properly.


      I am using a "wheel" which is a custom/generic component (like a popup) made up of all buttons.  When each button is clicked it does two things:

           1. it transitions to a new state which causes the just clicked button to rotate to the top of the wheel

           2. it fades in a new custom/generic component

      this all functions really well.


      The trouble comes when I try to fade out the newly added custom/generic component (via an action secquence attached to button within the new custom/generic component).  For some reason the area formerly covered by the custom/generic component is no longer clickable.


      The other problem that I foresee is that if I can get the underlying custom/generic component buttons to function, i would like to be sure that the "popups" (newly added in each new state custom/generic components) to reappear each time the state is loaded.


      I am sure there is some really simple fix for this that is evading me.  I have attached two screen shots of the "wheel" and the "wheel" covered by the "popup".  I have also published the project in its current state to a .Swf file if anyone is so inclined to give it a test.  If you do test it, please note, I have only worked on the first 4 buttons moving clockwise around the wheel.


      Would appreciate any and all feedback!




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          acath Level 4

          Hi Drew,


          I think I understand your problem, and have something for you to try.


          When you use a Fade out in an action sequence, Catalyst is animating the alpha value (opacity) of the object from 100% to 0%. However, objects with 0% alpha still capture mouse clicks. The object has to actually be invisible (which is different than 0% alpha!) to not capture mouse clicks.


          Unfortunately, there's no way to set an object to be invisible in an action sequence. What you can do is encapsulate the popup itself in a custom component. Instead of using an action sequence to animate it in and out, create two states: hidden and visible. Set the popup to be invisible (turn off the eyeball in the layers panel) in the hidden state. Then set up your fade transitions. Now, just make each button click "play transition to state" on the popup component, going from the visible to hidden state or vice-versa.



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            DrewPaluRebDre Level 1

            That makes complete sense.


            Thanks so much for you help!