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    IE-unable to right-click and open new tabs

      When I'm recording IE7 on Vista with Captivate 3--I'm unable to right-click a link on a webpage and open the link in a new tab. Right-clicking in the history or favorites window to open the link in a new tab does not work either.

      Anyone had this problem or know of it or have any ideas about anything I can do about it?
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          Hi arlhoolie and welcome to our community

          What about using the keyboard shortcut for a new tab instead? I believe it is Ctrl+T.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            Perhaps this you already did this and are just showing how to do it with a right click, but can't you just hit the new tab tab in IE7
            Screen shot HERE
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              First thanks to everyone who's replied so far. I appreciate the help...

              The problem is that I'm supposed to be teaching how to right-click a link to open it in a new tab... I think we're going to try recording in a virtual pc window with vista on an xp machine and see howt hat works.
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                Hi arlhoolie,

                I am not sure what the cause of the problem is, but it seems to me you could work around this by capturing the opening of the new tab using the keyboard shortcut method and then fix it in Captivate when you edit the project.

                To do this, you would change the caption so it mentions right clicking over the link instead of the key combination. You would probably have to move the mouse and highlight objects so they are positioned over your link. If you need to show the right-click context menu you can capture that using Print Screen or SnagIt and then pop that into Captivate as an image. This way you would have a slide that shows the mouse moving over the link and "right clicking". The next slide would show the context menu and clicking the 'open in new tab' menu item. The last slide would be the one you already captured showing the new tab.

                This method works pretty fast for me, though of course, it may be easier and faster for you to try capturing it through virtual pc or other methods.


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