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    Race (Sports) Bracket System in Flex?

    ehusar Level 1

      The AIR application I am currently working on is a system for bike racing. Now that the race system is about done I need to start thinking of the a registration and tournament bracket system in the application. The registration is a petty simple concept.  A new race is created and giving a name. At that point a user registers giving their name, age, and sex via a form. All of that is straight forward. Data will be saved in SQLite database.


      The one thing I am struggeling with is how to do the race bracket. It needs to work pretty much just like any March Madness bracket you have seen a million times. The same look I is what I am going for.  Two racers complete, one moves one and is matched up with another racer, it goes on like that until only one racer is left.  Before I try to create this from scratch I am wondering if anyone has created a sports bracket in Flex before? I would love to see an example of it.


      Thanks in advance.