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    RAW resolution


      We have PSE 5 w/current RAW Converter - WinXP


      Our Olympus software which accompanied the E500 camera opens RAW images at 3264x2448 - 314 dpi Resolution


      When opening the same image in PSE 5 RAW, then Editor, the image is 3264x2448  but  240 dpi Resolution


      How do we change PSE RAW default to open the same as the native 314 dpi


      Thanks very much,


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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          Hi Sally, there is no "native dpi" resolution of the rendered raw image. The only type of resolution for a captured image is the pixel count (3264 x 2448 pixels in this case). Measurements of dots-per-inch or pixels-per-inch only come into play when you're reading to output the image to a device/medium with physical units, such as a print on paper.


          May I ask what workflow goal you're trying to accomplish here? Is there a reason why having a 314 dpi output from Camera Raw is crucial for your workflow?



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            sallee1$2 Level 1

            Re: workflow - In this case to a printer.




            Have used PS/PSE for 15yrs. but only recently began playing around w/RAW photos and noticed the Olympus camera supplied software open the images @ 314 dpi but Adobe RAW converter was doing it at 240 dpi.


            If you are saying that "all that matters is the pixel count" which is the same in the Olympus software & Adobe PSE....correct??


            Thank you,


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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

              Hi Sally,


              Thanks for the clarification. Yes, all that matters here is the total number of pixels. You will get the full quality of your processed raw file when printing.